Programs & Services
Fleet Driver Safety Training

All our training courses are tailored to your specific needs and include custom-made Driver Handbooks.

The training sessions are supported with Audio-Visual aids and depending on the subject also include “hands-on / in-yard” demonstrations.

While we prefer to hold all training sessions at the customer’s facility, arrangements can be made for “off-site” training locations, if the carrier is not equipped with the necessary A/V equipment, such as Dry Erase Whiteboard, Overhead Projector, and TV-VCR.

The Road-Scholar™ maintains up-to-date information on compliance related matters, particularly as they relate to the driver requirements under the US-Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (CFR-49) and the US-DoT as well as the Canadian National Safety Code.

Fleet Maintenance Management
Many smaller carriers find it difficult to keep track of their fleet’s preventive maintenance and repairs.

Carriers that do not have their own mechanical shop must depend on the service of outside suppliers.

However, a common problem when using 3rd party suppliers is that of coordinated record keeping. While practically all suppliers use some sort of electronic data input – these software programs “don’t talk to each other”, i.e. the unit’s repair history will not be tracked in the carrier’s own database.
Safety & Compliance Programs
For smaller carriers, where a full-time Safety & Compliance professional is not cost-effective, we can provide a whole range of compliance related services.These include the often-tedious data acquisition and completion of
Loss Prevention Programs

Loss Prevention is the art of spending a little bit of good money now to prevent wasting your hard-earned profits at a later time. It’s the direct opposite of being “penny-wise, pound-foolish”.

Transportation Consulting

Driver Operations Manuals are valuable tools that outline established company policies and procedures. They also provide proof of “Due Diligence” should you be unfortunate enough to be sued by a plaintiff as a result of an accident, particularly if said event occurred south of the 49th parallel.