Anaper Gallery

In addition to providing Safety & Compliance services to Canada’s motor carrier industry, The Road-Scholar keeps his commercial driver license (ACM/Z) current by delivering a variety of trucks and other heavy self-propelled equipment over an average of 15,000 miles (24,000 km) annually.
To that end, I’ve been contracted to one of The Road-Scholar’s clients – Drive Star Shuttle Systems Ltd. – as a part-time independent driver since 2006.
Drive Star Shuttle Systems Ltd is a “Drive-Away” service, i.e. they deliver trucks from the manufacturing plants to the dealers, from dealers to end-users and/or between entities.
Contrary to new automobiles, which are delivered to the dealers aboard car-carriers, Class 5 or higher commercial vehicles are either driven under their own power, or piggy-backed (saddle-mounted) to their destination.
The gallery below provides a snapshot of the various vehicles I had the pleasure to operate all across the US & Canada in the past 5 years: