Conditions, Consulting Fees & Course Rates

The Road-Scholar™ is a sole proprietorship, duly registered with the Ontario Business Center under the Master Business License # 100572569.

All our services are subject to 13% HST under the CCRA Business Number 89414-7859-RT0002.

Training books sold through The Road-Scholar™ are tax-exempt when provided as part of a training course. However, GST/HST is recouped from clients when training books
are sold separately.

The Road-Scholar™ carries full insurance coverage to provide its Consulting / Training services (Professional Liability / Error & Omission as well as Company Vehicle Business Coverage) underwritten by RoyalSunAlliance and a Private Disability Insurance through BMO (AIG).

Consulting Services are invoiced upon completion of the service or every 2 weeks, whichever is sooner. Invoice Terms are 7 days (with 3% discount) or 21 days gross. We also accept Visa and Master Card (debited within 3 days of invoice-date – no discount).

Our consulting fees & training-course rates are competitive with industry standards.

 Hourly Rates
 Daily Rates
 Weekly Rates
 Log-Book Audit Service
$55.00/hr - min. 3 hours
 $475.00/day - max. 9 continuous hours
 $2000.00/week - max. 5 continuous days
Log-audit service rates t.b.a.

We are available 24 hours a day – 7 days per week. A supplement may apply if days exceed 9 hours.

Long-Term Rates
 Course Rates
upon request
upon request

No mileage charge within a 75 km radius of Hamilton. Beyond that, a mileage charge of $0.50/km will be applied. Service locations outside a 250 km radius of Hamilton
may also be subject to accommodation charges at cost to a maximum of $125/night. (Maritime travel rates t.b.a.).