Safety & Compliance Programs

For smaller carriers, where a full-time Safety & Compliance professional is not cost-effective, we can provide a whole range of compliance related services. These include the often-tedious data acquisition and completion of

♦ Periodic IFTA and IRS / NY-HUT Returns
♦ Annual Permitting and Plate Renewals
♦ “Add/Delete” IRP Fleet Vehicles
♦ Maintaining Driver Qualification Files
♦ Log-Book Audits and Monthly Violation Reports
♦ Drug & Alcohol Testing Administration (in cooperation with a recognized authority)
♦ Monthly US-DoT CSA/SMS (formerly SafeStat) reviews and “drilled-down” analysis with corresponding Management Reports
♦ Liaison with Government Bodies, Authorities & Insurance Carriers
Code # RSC-5030-SCP

Our second-to-none Pre-Employment Driver Evaluation & Road-Testing, (for DZ or AZ applicants, with your equipment, from/to your facility – duration 3 hours)
Service includes the following:

♦ Pre-Trip Inspection (power-unit)
♦ Trailer Hook-Up and Inspection
♦ Over-the-Road testing – average 30 km – Urban/Highway mix
♦ Backing Manoeuvres & Docking
♦ Trailer Dropping and Post-Trip Inspection
♦ Post-Test Review with Applicant
♦ Written Test covering HTA (Ontario), FMCSR (US), Shipping Documents/Border Crossings, Hours-of-Service/Log-Books, Load-Securement (80 questions – multiple choice answers)
♦ Written Test-Results and Recommendations to Carrier
♦ Optional: Reference Checks
Code # RSC-5040-DRT