Loss Prevention Programs

Loss Prevention is the art of spending a little bit of good money now to prevent wasting your hard-earned profits at a later time. It’s the direct opposite of being “penny-wise, pound-foolish”.

Dedicated programs, such as…
♦ Training drivers to recognize the potential causes of incidents and accidents
♦ Creating and adhering to a Preventive Equipment Maintenance policy
♦ Performing Risk Assessments, whether or not required by legislation
♦ Creating Operations Manuals outlining procedures to be used in each and every department
♦ Completing periodic “Mock Audits” to ensure compliance with MTO/DoT Regulations
…all contribute towards Loss Prevention.

Every incident or accident, however minor, should be investigated. Lessons learned through that process, minimize the chance of another such event occurring.

Every freight claim should also be investigated. Many carriers pay freight claims as a “goodwill gesture”, even though there was no error on the part of the carrier.
On the other hand, a fair number of freight claims are the result of a carrier’s failure to conform to the shipper’s instructions. Lead sheets must be scrutinized before a freight rate is confirmed to the customer. Paying claims 300% the value of the revenue hardly makes good business sense!

Cross-docking freight should be kept to a minimum. The packaging materials used by shippers are not designed for multiple transferring with material handling equipment.

Our Loss Prevention Programs include a thorough observation of your current practices. We will spend time with each and every department, identifying weak areas that are prone to compromising your service quality.

Thereafter we provide you with a written assessment and our recommendations.
Code # RSC-5050-LPP